Fueling this busy family!

It seems that using an spiralizer is all the rage right now so I thought I would check it out for myself! I had made two meals that included “zoodles” and I think it’s safe to say my family approves!

Zucchini noodles with an avocado pesto. (inspired by this recipe at Eat yourself Skinny)


“I would way rather eat this than pasta!” -Brett (my carb loading husband)


the sauce is simply pesto and a smashed avocado!


I added some tofu, corn and red pepper flakes!

Last week I made a Tex-Mex bowl with sautéed fajita veggies and spicy crispy chick peas! This was inspiredby this recipe!


If you haven’t had a chance to try any recipes with spiralized veggies I highly urge you to! There are so versatile and delicious! Plus, my kids get a kick out of them!


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6 of my favorite things in Pittsburgh!

Before we moved to Pittsburgh I didn’t think I would find a single thing I would like here. I had a seriously bad attitude about the idea of moving here. Everyone I met that had been here or lived here said otherwise, but I was not listening. Fast forward almost 2 years and I can’t stop finding things I love here! We are constantly on the move exploring and I still feel like it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Here are just a few of my favorites from this past week:

  1. Spring!!! The trees have their flowers and leaves. There are planted flowers everywhere. The birds are chirping. There are bunnies everywhere. And even the occasional thunderstorm!IMG_0771IMG_0731IMG_0732

2. Phipps Botanical Garden with my kids! We took Brett’s parents here while they were visiting and it was so much fun! We usually make it here about once a week! The exhibits are always changing! The flowers are beautiful! The play area outside is so creative and my kids love to run around this place!IMG_1058

3. Finding new parks! This is Aspinwall Riverfront Park and it is gorgeous!IMG_1169IMG_1170

4. Going on walks with my kids! We walk EVERYWHERE! Think: Whole Foods, preschool, the library, Target, the gym, the park, Trader Joes, bible study and so many more places! My kids are pretty savvy when it comes to crossing the street, riding the bus and getting out and about!IMG_1173

5. Salud Juicery! This is their green-anna-bread smoothie and I am addicted! Protein and some veggies but it tastes like banana bread! and yes, we can walk there 🙂IMG_1183IMG_1184

6. Running!! It seems every spring I start running again! I made it up to Highland Park and around the reservoir today for a nice 4 mile jog! It was the perfect temp, overcast with some sun and so gorgeous!

I can promise my list will keep growing so I’ll bring you some more favorite soon!

Do you have any favorite places in Pittsburg that I need to see in the next move before we move?! Leave some ideas in the comments!

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Harvey’s “cheese” face!

I can’t help it… he’s so ridiculous!

I have so many more but I’ll spare you the crazy long post!

Do your kids have any silly faces?!

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Who are the Teo’s?! Brett “teo” and I “kate” are the adults in this family, which isn’t really saying much! We have two kiddos, Trevi (4) and Harvey (almost 2). We currently live in Pittsburgh where Brett is attending graduate school. Why “on the go” do you ask?! Let me give you run down that warrants the term “on the go”…


Brett and I have been married for 7 years and lived in that many different places! When we first got married we lived in our home town of Gig Harbor, Wa. We quickly moved abroad to live in a van and explore! We spent 9 months in Australia, NZ, Kuala Lumpur, Thailand and Hong King. We then made a pit stop back home and the headed to Denver, back to Gig Harbor and now we’re in Pittsburgh.  However, we still have lots of moves in our future. I am moving back to Gig Harbor in a month, Brett is moving to Ohio for 2 months, then to Washington with us and then we will go wherever a job leads up.  Hopefully somewhere warm!

2236Reef 120109 (39)10399570_549311588403_4029844_n10399570_549310839903_4690109_nIMG_7203.JPGIMG_9797IMG_4753IMG_6091

Pretty sure that allows us to use the term “on the go.”

We are also very active on a daily basis with the kids. We love to be active and out exploring! Brett’s mode of transportation is his trusty bike to and from school and the hospital. I love to run, go for walks, take the kids on adventures, go to the gym, do yoga and just plain be on my feet! Thankfully the kids love al this stuff too!


Thanks for stopping by. We can’t wait to share all our adventures, moves and plans with you guys!

If you are interested in our past adventures in Australia, NZ, Asia, Denver or Gig Harbor head on over to kateteodoro.blogspot.com.

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