21 day fix!

All I am going to say is… 21 Day Fix Here I Come!


I started yesterday with the cardio fix video and holy smoke I am SORE today!!! I was very skeptical but the videos are fun, challenging, easy to follow and got me sore in some places I didn’t know could be sore. And I workout regularly.

I got my containers today and I’m excited to start eating my meals with them as my guidelines! I am very much a person who benefits from external accountability so the very clear expectations that the programs lays out for me will be great as well as my awesome groups on Facebook! The ladies are encouraging, helpful, funny, so real and all doing the same thing which is helpful!

I also got a shakeology drinker cup but for now I am not buying their protein powder. It’s crazy expensive and I have been happy with an alternative so far.

Wish me luck and I’ll check back in 3 weeks!

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