My Favorite Kid Things!

My kids are 4.5 and almost 2 so we are in a new stage of things that work well for our “on the move” lifestyle! Any past favorites would include bottles, blankets, swaddles (miracle blanket I’m talking to you!!!), sleep sacks and pacifiers. However, now that my kids are older my favorite things have evolved! Check them out below!

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  1. The BOB stroller: I never go anywhere without one of my jogging strollers! It gets the job done where ever I am: park, mall, rough and smooth streets, runs, grocery store trips and more! I have tried a ton of other strollers and I’ll never not have or recommend a BOB. Yes, they are expensive but in my opinion they are worth every penny! Ask for one as a joint gift or buy one used on craigslist. You’ll thank me!

2. “Buddies”: my daughter coined all stuffed animals as buddies so we’ve just going along with it! They each have their favorite and one always includes a jellycat stuffed animal! Harvey loves the elephant and Trevi loves her guinea pig! They also have a few other favorites!

3. Squeeze pouches: they make it so easy to have a quick snack on the go! We love the ones filled with yogurt, veggies and fruit! We also can’t wait to start making our own from the awesome contest we won from Little Green Pouch! (more on that in a later post!)

4. The Honest Company: I have been using The Honest Company’s products since Trevi was a baby and I love all their stuff! We get their bundle delivered and while I like trying  the new products that they come out with I always get a few staples such as sunscreen, bath products, cleaning products and hair care products. I love that the products don’t contain any harsh chemicals so they are safe for my kids! Plus, their scents are divine!IMG_1297

5. Klean Kanteen: my kids are always on the move so they are always thirsty too! I am diligent about always having a sip cup of water for them! I especially love the bottles //“>below because they won’t spill in my purse and they can take a quick sip without having to fuss with a lid. Just don’t forget to put the stopper in like I have on many occasions! 🙂IMG_1298

6. LunchBots: These lunch boxes are awesome! They come in a ton of different shapes, sizes and colors! I use them for my kids almost daily. I love the compartments and the size! We use //“>this one specifically.IMG_1300 (1)

7. Hyland’s Teething Tablets: With Trevi teething just passed us by but with Harvey… Oh boy. It has been rough. He looses sleep, cries constantly, is whiney and acts like he is going to chew his hands off. //“>These teething tablets have been super helpful for nighttime and nap time. IMG_1306

8. A sound machine: both of my kids sleep with one on fairly loud. It drowns out each other, sounds from the building and street noise. We have used //“>this one since day one and I bring it on all my trips! Huge fan! We don’t use any of the timer options or other noises except “white noise”.IMG_1308

9. Target diapers and Costco wipes: I will never switch to any others. I have tried them all and in my opinion none work as well as these two!!! Target diapers are the most absorbent and the most inexpensive which is a win win! Costco wipes have the most moisture and clean up messes quickly! Both are unscented and work well for even sensitive skin. IMG_1310 (1)

10. Books: from day one we have read books to our kids and even today they will ask for books before any other toys! They love the pictures, stories and turning the pages! We have boxes of books that we rotate so they always seem new and exciting! We also hit up the library weekly to add to our collection! We will forever and always love books!IMG_1311

11. Crocs: my kids love Crocs so much! They are the first shoes they wear and seeing the teeny tiny ones just make me laugh! We have been given all our Crocs as hand me downs and they have lasted so well!IMG_1312
Thanks for checking out my favorite things! I would love to hear your favorites in the comment section! You just might help me grow my list!!

And of course ,please email me or comment on the post with any questions!

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