Trevi is 4.5 today!!

Happy half birthday my sweet and feisty girl! For most, and frankly me until now, a half birthday was not something to celebrate. However, my first born is almost 5. I feel like she was born a week ago, turned 4 yesterday and seriously when did she get so tall?! We thought we’d start a new tradition of something special on half birthdays and Trevi’s chose ice cream of course! She actually chose frozen yogurt but that is happening later so I had a scoop of ice cream in her honor!


Grater’s coconut chocolate chip… you will never disappoint me!

We also thought we’d take her to the track to ride her big girl bike on her special day. And well, that was a huge fail hahah. She took one look at the park and ditched her bike.

She has no interest in her big girl bike. She can ride her balance bike like a champ and literally rides it all over Pittsburgh but as soon as she gets on her big girl bike she is distracted and wants to get off.

She has tried her big girl bike inside but still shows no interest in learning to ride it outside or without training wheels… some day maybe?!IMG_6997

She’s even comfortable on a bike WAY too big for her! hahaIMG_8336IMG_8723Any advice to get her going?

For now, we’re going to celebrate her half birthday in style…

IMG_1226A girls gotta grow somehow!

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