6 of my favorite things in Pittsburgh!

Before we moved to Pittsburgh I didn’t think I would find a single thing I would like here. I had a seriously bad attitude about the idea of moving here. Everyone I met that had been here or lived here said otherwise, but I was not listening. Fast forward almost 2 years and I can’t stop finding things I love here! We are constantly on the move exploring and I still feel like it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Here are just a few of my favorites from this past week:

  1. Spring!!! The trees have their flowers and leaves. There are planted flowers everywhere. The birds are chirping. There are bunnies everywhere. And even the occasional thunderstorm!IMG_0771IMG_0731IMG_0732

2. Phipps Botanical Garden with my kids! We took Brett’s parents here while they were visiting and it was so much fun! We usually make it here about once a week! The exhibits are always changing! The flowers are beautiful! The play area outside is so creative and my kids love to run around this place!IMG_1058

3. Finding new parks! This is Aspinwall Riverfront Park and it is gorgeous!IMG_1169IMG_1170

4. Going on walks with my kids! We walk EVERYWHERE! Think: Whole Foods, preschool, the library, Target, the gym, the park, Trader Joes, bible study and so many more places! My kids are pretty savvy when it comes to crossing the street, riding the bus and getting out and about!IMG_1173

5. Salud Juicery! This is their green-anna-bread smoothie and I am addicted! Protein and some veggies but it tastes like banana bread! and yes, we can walk there 🙂IMG_1183IMG_1184

6. Running!! It seems every spring I start running again! I made it up to Highland Park and around the reservoir today for a nice 4 mile jog! It was the perfect temp, overcast with some sun and so gorgeous!

I can promise my list will keep growing so I’ll bring you some more favorite soon!

Do you have any favorite places in Pittsburg that I need to see in the next move before we move?! Leave some ideas in the comments!

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